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Bloody Good Period. 2017


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1. Buy whatever you can, you small angel lamb and go to checkout.


2. Make sure to check the box "This order contains a gift"


3. When you're invited to "Choose gift options", please "add a free gift note" and include your name and email address (don't worry about spam - it's just to add you to our mailing list and that's it!)


4. That's it! The order will come straight to Bloody Good and you can give yourself a pad on the back for being such a bloody babe!



You can also shop not from the wishlist if you like, but you'll need to enter the address on the donate page! 

Amazon is definitely the easiest way to buy pads, but not the cheapest for shower gels, shampoos etc. You might want to head to Superdrug or Boots for that.  



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