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Why we are now taking mooncups again.

By gabbyedlin, Mar 28 2017 07:58PM

This is just a quick note to let you know that we are now taking donations of menstrual (moon) cups again.

WHY? I hear you ask, between mouthfuls of pasta (just me?)


As some of you may know I had a lovely stall at the London Southbank's Women of the World Festival, where I met a fabulous woman by the name of Mandu Reid. She started the charity The Cup Effect which works with women to help them understand how to use mooncups safely and with confidence. Like 2 seconds into her telling about her work, I was sold. She explained how she wanted to work with the women who visit the drop in centre I volunteer at, to run a session about menstrual cups, for free, and with a total absence of judgement or pressure. Perfect - we would be able to supply the cups, and bring the ladies along, and she would supply the training.

So that's why we're taking them! Check Mandu's work out at www.thecupeffect.org. She's excellent.

And by the way, the gorgeous image is by the super talented Eleanor Crewes (and must not be reproduced without her and our consent)

Check her stuff out at eleanorcrewesillustration.co.uk

LATERS! Gabby x

By Eleanor Crewes @ellistrate
By Eleanor Crewes @ellistrate
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