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Bloody Good Period. 2017


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1 • Print as many copies as you can, and write your

name, and if you want, your contact details on the poster,

in the space at the bottom.


2 • If you're collecting in a large organisation or university, you might want to write a time, date and location at which people can bring their donations. Perhaps there's a feminist society or specific room that you could collaborate with? Make it a long-term or short-term project, it's your choice!


3 • Always check with the big bosses first. Some people get really offended by anything do with women.


4 • If you've collected too many to post, (wheyy!!) they can also be dropped off at the address during office hours, or send an email to arrange a specific drop off time.


5 • Spread the word on social media, using the hashtag #bloodygoodperiod AND SEND PHOTOS AND VIDEOS!


And if you have any questions, you just gotta ask babes!

If you're collecting outside London, let us know.

Request a free poster, as well as stickers and leaflets by emailing Collections Coordinator, Hailie!

Step 1.

Put up your poster in your chosen location and tell everyone! Tweet it, Facebook it, and tell all your pals.

Step 2.

Send your collections to:

Bloody Good Period.

96a Dulwich Village, London, SE21 7AQ


Step 3.

We'll try to pair you up with a local centre or group!

There's nothing better at bringing people together than collecting sannies.

Seriously, try it.